Fireman Snake (2017.03)

Technology: Unity3D, C#
Platforms: Windows, Android
Authors: Krzysztof Flis

"Fireman Snake" It's a game for children aged 3-8 about putting out the fire. The game consists of 18 levels (9 levels of extinguisher collection and 9 levels of putting out the fire) - the higher the level, the more skilled player has to be.

As the scenes of extinguishing the fire are shown in 3D, little firefighter gets familiar, by means of a game, with the topics related to the physics of water, how to use a fire hose (pressure and direction) - which is not present in all the 2D games about fires. Moreover, the levels in which the player collects extinguishers teach how to make decisions quickly, predict a danger and react to various situations without panic.

The game DOES NOT CONTAIN ads, links to other websites or micro payments. The child doesn't need to know how to read in order to understand the user interface and to give in to the passion of extinguishing the fire.

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AGENT GDO - INVASION (2014.05.23)

Technology: Unity3D
Platforms: Windows, MacOs, Linux, Android
Authors: Krzysztof Flis, Bartosz Kozikowski

"Agent GDO - Invasion" is the first part of a trilogy, the action of which happens before “Path of the Agent” events.
The task of the hero is to repulse the invasion of foreign forms of life which spread around our planet wreaking havoc. Apart from repelling the attack, the agent has to destroy the main camps of the enemy in order to abstain subsequent hordes from coming through interdimensional portals.
Now the game is available on platforms: Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS and Android. Other soon.

Apart from campaigns, you can also use arcade mode. Players can share their results thanks to synchronization with the global list of results and contend for the title of the best agent by winning medals during the missions.
It is also possible to buy the coins to continue the game using micropayments.

Gameplay is an extended version of the classic game Pang/Buster Bros.

On the detail page you can see the trailer for the game and see a list of the best agents.

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PATH OF THE AGENT (in production)

Technology: Unity3D
Platforms: Windows, MacOs, Linux, Android, iOS
Authors: Krzysztof Flis, Piotr Flis, Bartosz Kozikowski

"Path of the Agent" is a developed fantasy about a superb game famous in the past, published for 8-bit platforms - “Agent USA”. On the basis of this idea we realize a project, which is its considerable development: plot, world, 3D graphics and a number of new ideas which make it more attractive.

Briefly: survival horror in 3D graphics. The game is supposed to follow the atmosphere of constant danger, time ticking away, the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Used locations as well as the city layout will be generated randomly, thanks to what, every single tournament will be different and exciting

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