Fireman Snake on PC! 2017.09.28

We have published a version for PC. We have added support for game pad, so the fun is much nicer. Go to extinguish!

Fireman Snake - finished! 2017.03.17

We have published our newest game for Android. A DEMO and PC version will be available soon.

Show details & download

Fireman Snake - our latest game already in the final stage of testing! 2016.11.25

This is a game for younger players, which as a Fireman Snake, you have to bravely face the dangers from fire.

Planned platforms: Android, Windows (with pads support), iOS.

Our latest game is almost ready! 2016.06.17

Soon you will be able to play in our latest game, which is almost ready.
At the moment we are also working on the next game - the degree of progress is 50%.

More details soon.

Agent GDO - Invasion in GooglePlay for FREE! 2015.01.29

With new year Android version is available for FREE :-)
We have changed agent movement control - without buttons now. And added additional shot key.

Feel free to download and play:

Version for Windows, MacOs and Ubuntu you can download from here.

Agent GDO - Invasion in "TOP 50 SlideDB APP OF THE YEAR 2014" 2014.12.11

"Agent GDO - Invasion" in the Top 50 and in the second round of "SLIDEDB APP OF THE YEAR 2014" competition.

Please click the link below and vote!


Nomination in WGK Developers Showcase 2014.08.20

"Agent GDO - Invasion" was nominated for best independent game award in "WGK Developers Showcase" - a competition during World of GameDev Knowledge, a conference dedicated to game development. The event will be held on September 6th - 7th 2014 in Gdańsk.

Premiere of Agent GDO - Invasion2014.05.23

We have published our newest game: "Agent GDO - Invasion".
Enjoy your time while playing.

Now the game is available on platforms: Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu. Other platforms soon.

You can see the trailer, read all about the game and download it here.

The beta tests of "Agent GDO - Invasion" have started 2014.01.21

The beta tests have started today so the release is coming soon. The testers: Piotr Flis, Marek Spichalski, Daniel Madej and Bartosz Kozikowksi are working hard through the levels, to make sure that the gameplay will be refined and without bugs.

We started production of new game2013.03.01

We started working on the first of series of prologue games for the Path of the Agent. It's working title is "Agent GDO - Invasion". The game is an arcade game with 3D graphics, yet the action is 2D. The game's task is to raise funds for the project.

It will be available for: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS.

Kickstarter funding has ended 2013.02.14

Unfortunately our project was not successfully funded. Because funding on Kickstarter is all or nothing, all pledges have been automatically canceled.

The team will continue to work on the project, but we can’t determine the date of game completion. We hope to meet the deadline, but it will be difficult without the Kickstarter funds and we can’t promise anything. On the official website soon will be possible to preorder the game. You'll also be able to find there information about the progress of the game development.

Funding on has started2012.12.11

From today you can subsidize the project "Path of the Agent" at the most popular funding portal.

Direct link

See the trailer and read about details you can here.