About "Agent GDO" Trilogy

The story told in the "Agent GDO" trilogy is set before the events of "Path of the Agent". The games will be telling independent stories although all will be part of the greater plot.

Each game represents different play style. We are sure that every player will find something for themselves.

Game description

"Agent GDO - Invasion" is the first part of a trilogy, the action of which happens before “Path of the Agent” events.

The task of the hero is to repulse the invasion of foreign forms of life which spread around our planet wreaking havoc. Apart from repelling the attack, the agent has to destroy the main camps of the enemy in order to abstain subsequent hordes from coming through interdimensional portals.

Creatures, with which agent is going to fight, are advanced biological weapon. They are covered with natural armor which cannot be destroyed by conventional means. The only chance to win this unequal battle is a new prototype of plasma weapon, designed by scientists from GDO. These bloodthirsty beasts can use part of energy from plasma beam and use it to split oneself into two individuals, which makes them really unusual opponent.

During his mission the agent will cross thousands of kilometers and will visit many places all over the world.

Agency will not leave the agent to his own fate and from time to time will send him a drop, which will be useful during the battle.

Apart from campaigns, you can also use arcade mode, in which the game is not limited by the number of creatures in the horde and attacks are constant. Only the best out of best can survive.

Players can share their results thanks to synchronization with the global list of results and contend for the title of the best agent by winning medals during the missions.

Only incredible abilities and experience of the best GDO agents can save our world from destruction.



Free version: 3 epizodes, arcade mode (Win, Mac, Ubuntu)
Full version: 10 epizodes, arcade mode, global highscore, publishing achievements
Price: only $2,99
(the full version can be unlocked through payment within the game)
Minimal requirements: not antique computer
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Linux: Ubuntu
Mac: OS X min. 10.6.6
Android: min. 2.3
Release date:2014-05-23

 Download version for platforms:

Version: 1.0.4 (2014-11-14)
(msi) (zip) (zip) (zip) (GooglePlay)
WindowsUbuntuOS XAndroidApp StoreWindows Store

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Flissoft Team

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