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It's a game for children aged 3-8 about putting out the fire. Feel like a real hero and save your land.
The game consists of 18 levels (9 levels of extinguisher collection and 9 levels of putting out the fire) - the higher the level, the more skilled player has to be.

The game DOES NOT CONTAIN ads, links to other websites or micro payments. Your child can play safely. The child doesn't need to know how to read in order to understand the user interface and to give in to the passion of extinguishing the fire.

About game

Snake the Firefighter has to face the danger and save Animaland. Until now, life there was calm and idyllic. Our hero had nothing to do, so it didn't work out often. Suddenly, meteorites fell down from space and started fires in various areas of the land. Careless snake has to shape up, collect the equipment, which is scattered around, because of little firefighter's negligence. Afterwards, it will have to save animal brothers from raving fire.


The hero must collect abandoned equipment and extinguish the fire in three lands.

Lowlands - sample levels

Desert land - sample levels

Land of snow - sample levels

The game makes the child realize, how the fire spreads and how to fight it.
As the scenes of extinguishing the fire are shown in 3D, little firefighter gets familiar, by means of a game, with the topics related to the physics of water, how to use a fire hose (pressure and direction) - which is not present in all the 2D games about fires.
Moreover, the levels in which the player collects extinguishers teach how to make decisions quickly, predict a danger and react to various situations without panic.


  • 9 levels of fire extinguishing
  • steering water flow in 3D (water pressure and direction)
  • 9 levels of equipment collection
  • practising decision making and stress management
  • 3 different lands for equipment collection
  • 3 different lands for fire extinguishing
  • simple and intuitive interface, which does not require reading ability
  • saving progress after every level

Map of levels

If you encounter any problems or in case of questions or concerns, please contact us on


Free version: 3 levels (Android, Win) - soon
Full version: 18 levels
Price: only $2.99
Minimal requirements: not antique computer
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Android: 4.0, with OpenGL ES 3.0 support
Release date: 2017-03-17

 Download version for platforms:

Version: 1.6 (2017-09-28)
(GooglePlay) (

Flissoft Team