Short blurb

"Path of the Agent" is a developed fantasy about a superb game famous in the past, published for 8-bit platforms - “Agent USA”.
Briefly: survival horror in 3D graphics.

Project description

Do you remember a great game dating many years back in which you travelled by train throughout the USA in order to find and eradicate the source of plague, which was spreading in the course of the game? It was very simple. On the basis of this idea we realize a project, which is its considerable development: plot, world, 3D graphics and a number of new ideas which make it more attractive.

The game is supposed to follow the atmosphere of survival horror: constant danger, time ticking away, the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

20-30% of the project volume have been realized so far.

A plot and game world

First of all, we changed and developed the plot considerably. In the course of the game you will notice short clips containing many surprising turnabouts. The player incarnates an GDO agent (Global Defence Organization), who wakes up on the operating table in a secret room of a laboratory…

See the preliminary slides:

A great advantage of the original version was the openness of the game world. The player was able to move freely all over the USA. Our game is set in the whole globe. The player has at his disposal different modes of transportation (not only the trains), by means of which he will be competing against time (the bigger infected area, the harder the game) and limited financial means.

Scalable game area map


The campaign will take place in “real time”. The enemy doesn’t sleep, so the longer the player plays the game, the harder the campaign is. Biological danger is spreading (I don’t want to disclose the plot), what’s more some of allies are traitors. Used locations as well as the city layout will be generated randomly, thanks to what, every single tournament will be different and exciting. On his way to success, the agent will also encounter the elements of logical, adventure and arcade games.

Screens from the game

The most important advantages of the game

  • survival horror
  • developed plot modern graphics 2D/3D randomly generated game world different modes of transportation and limited funds freedom of agent’s moral behaviour, which influences the plot agent’s white hat :)

Preorder of "Path of the Agent"

It's possible to pre-order the game (and at the same time help in the production). Payments can be made through PayPal, by clicking the button below.

Attention !
PayPal collects 0,40 USD commission from every transaction !

In exchange for the financing of the project in advance, we anticipate rewards, here's a list:

  • 5 USD - game copy (install file)

  • 15 USD - thanks in game credits

  • 30 USD - choice of a city used in game

    The city may be rejected if it is located too close to another selected destination (the scale of the map may not support it).

  • 100 USD - model of a statue in a chosen city with a signature

    Limit: one per city

  • 250 USD - collector’s edition of the comic book with the plot history

All rewards will be delivered after the official release of the game.